Causes Of Headache

The Pregnancy Headache And Its Causes

When a woman is pregnant she suffers many usual problems that include backaches, headaches, morning sickness, etc. While some of these trouble from time to time, a few trouble throughout the period.    

The rise and fall in the levels of hormone during the pregnancy period cause headache frequently and intensely. Such types of headaches are known as tension headaches. Although it is not proved why or how pregnancy affects the severity of these headaches, there are many theories. One of them is lack of sleep and increased stress.

Apart from the increase in the level of hormone, the body also gets affected with the increasing weight of the growing fetus. This affects the mother and hinders her normal activities.
Simply lying down to take rest or nap is also difficult during pregnancy, especially when the fetus grows. If both mother and baby’s sleeping schedules differs, it will be difficult to sleep with an active baby inside. She might be unable to get a full night’s sleep, because she might not get a comfortable position. As a result of which the pregnancy headache may increase in both frequency and   severity.

It will be wise if you consult a physician before taking any counter medication during pregnancy. During this period, taking Tylenol, Advil, or any other pain relief medication is safe if the given instructions are followed properly.

You should also find out what is the cause behind this headache. If it is caused by stress, never take the medicine for headache caused by sinus. It will be better if you speak to your doctor directly if you are facing persistent headaches or migraines. If you are facing any serious illness, like hypertension or diabetes, extra care should be taken. Don’t take any counter medication without the prescription of doctor.

It is always better to prevent than cure the illness. Always avoid foods which may cause headaches. Chocolates, MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate), spicy food, cheese, etc., are some of the food which should be avoid. Lack of rest, depression, dehydration, and hunger may also cause headache. Eating a balanced diet and having positive attitude, taking fresh vegetables and fruits can help avoid the occurrence of headache.

It is seen in most pregnant women, that the occurrence of headache becomes less during the second trimester. This may be because the hormones get stabilized and the body gets adjusted to the altered chemistry.

Despite the discomfort and headaches, pregnancy is a pleasant experience. When the woman gives birth and holds her baby in her hands she feels all the pain and trauma were worth it.