Causes Of Headache

What About Headache During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most sensitive period for a woman. You carry the responsibility of another life within you. And this in itself is the primary cause of anxiety during pregnancy that is difficult to avoid.

You undergo many inevitable biological and psychological changes, but the eternal anxiety is the undercurrent of all such changes. Headache is one such 'inevitable' suffering for her. She suffers from severe headaches during pregnancy, as a matter of routine. In general terms and for the sake of understanding, you can as well say that headache is the side effect of pregnancy.

What are the reasons for this type of headache? The main ones could be hormonal changes, the general stresses related to pregnancy, increase in the blood volume. The changes in the contours of the body help to contribute to poor posture. Naturally, it does create stresses on various parts of your body. Brain gets the signal of discomfort, mainly from the burden of carrying the extra weight.

Headache is such a confused visitor. It withdraws from the pregnant women at the most unsuspected time. There would be a sharp fall in the migraine headaches during pregnancy. So far so good. But you will still have the recurring phases of headaches during pregnancy.

As it is you are very cautious about your food during pregnancy, you are in constant touch with your family doctor, but you need to take extra care, if you have headache. Eliminate certain types of food, permanently from your list, headache or no headache! Some of them are preserved foods, chocolate and spicy food.

'Talk less, and walk more,' is the golden rule!

Take leisure walks in the nearby park or on the lawns of your own garden. Understand your diet very well- what is good for you and for the baby growing within you. Don't overeat. Eat several small meals in a day. Take lots of liquid diet, fruits and juices.

If you are unable to eat your normal food, suffer from indigestion, these are all signals of the impending attack of headache. Maintain a perfect schedule for the day and have a good night's sleep. Don't wake up till late hours and avoid tension-gripped movies and TV serials.

This is not the time to experiment with any type of strong medication to get relief from the headache. Try to understand the root cause of your headache. Try to control it with the natural process.

Remember for certain that every type of head ache need not be cured through medication only. Some headaches withdraw quietly, the way they arrived.