Causes Of Headache

What Causes Viral Infection Headache?

Viral infection headache comes from viruses of different types. As per the research data, the main cause of these headaches is meningitis. Meningitis is the infection in your membrane. This membrane surrounds the brain. Infections of brain and spinal cord are very crippling. The prime reason is they create inflammation.

Inflammation, due to meningitis, puts stress on the nerves. This pressure becomes the main reason for viral infection headache. The chief symptoms of inflation include fever, extreme headache, and the feeling of confusion. There is another type of inflammation. This is called severe inflammation. The man symptoms of severe inflammation include brain damage, stroke, seizures, and ultimately death.

Bacterial infection due to virus causes meningitis. Generally, the body fights and beats the infection. The infection travels in the blood stream. It goes into the brain and spinal cord fluid. This affects nerves and moves into brain. This causes swelling and inflammation. This damages or kills the nerve cells. This results in bleeding in the brain. The ultimate result is viral infection headache.

Brain swelling is highly dangerous. The prime reason is that brain is a soft organ in a hard box that is the skull. The brain cannot go anywhere in case it swells. The inflammation will only strike the tough walls of the skull. This thing causes a great damage. The general causes of meningitis include bacterial infection, viral infection, fungal infection, medication reactions, medical treatment side effects, lupus, some forms of cancer, and trauma in head or back.

Bacterial meningitis is dangerous. It kills. It starts from infection in the upper respiratory tract. Later, the same infection travels through your blood vessels into your brain. Later, it blocks blood vessels inside the brain. This triggers brain damage or stroke.

On the other hand, viral meningitis is a common form of meningitis. In this case, viruses enter through your mouth. Later, they go into the brain. The viruses multiply in the brain resulting in viral meningitis. These viruses are present in mucus, saliva, and feces. The other viruses that cause meningitis are chicken pox, flu, HIV, mumps, and genital herpes.