Causes Of Headache

Your Headache and Sore Throat may be the result Of Sinus?

Sinus infection may affect the people in two ways and these infections range from short term and long term infections. The short term infections last a few days while the long term infections take more than two months to recover. Long term infections occur mostly in case of chronic conditions.

There are many forms of sinus infection symptoms and the most common symptom is headache with facial pain. Fever is also a part of the symptom of sinus. There are many cases when the person will have sore throat and there is some stuffiness in the passages of the nose. To open the passage of nose, most of the doctors advise to take the nasal drip. However, in all sinus infections, the drip does not work. Sometimes the doctor detects chronic sinus in case symptoms are worst.

Sinus is nothing but the inflammation in the passages of the nose and here’s the best solution for it. Sinuses connect area between nostrils and nasal passages which gives the insulation effect to the skull. When bacteria enter in case of sinus infection, the person suffers from headache and facial pain. The bacteria find a breeding ground when the openings of nose get choked. The reason is that hair in sinuses does not function in a proper manner because of mucus.

The main symptom of sinus infection is respiratory illness. Accroding to several studies, one person out of ten is affected by the virus. It is advisable to consult with the doctor in case prime symptoms like headache keep coming in. The aim of the treatment is to reduce the congestion. Some antibiotics may also help but they should be taken under the guidance of the doctor. The patient is also given corticosteroid spray which is used to reduce swelling. Chronic sufferers need to have surgery, if all stop working for you. Surgery cleans sinus and is used specially on people with fungal infections.
Humidifiers is yet another effective treatment for sinus which gives lot of relief to the patient. In case your budget is low, it is advisable to inhale steam which may give relief to a great extent. You also can also use expectorants, but again under the prescription of a doctor. Expectorants thin the mucus and give relief for sinus, however, using it for a longer period of time may be harmful.