Types Of Headache

Dizziness And Headache: A Complex Combo

Headache accompanied with dizziness is a very common health condition. In fact when you receive the combination of headache and dizziness, the diagnosis becomes even more important. Herein, you need to find out if the symptoms of headaches and dizziness are independent or interrelated in you. In many cases they could be well related to migraine as well. So it is a must to reach the root cause of

Dizziness headache could be due to many factors. Suppose you are exercising. Those concerned with health and fitness know that exercising is good for health viewed from any angle. But if you are doing the right thing at the wrong time, take for example- exercising in the heat, you may experience difficulty in breathing and will surely feel dizziness along with headache. This may even lead to total exhaustion and heat stroke.

In such a situation the cure for your dizziness headache is not medication, but taking proper rest and diet that will cool down the body from within.

But there are many of the painkillers which are regularly prescribed for treating headaches of all kinds. NSAIDs are the first-line of drugs recommended to treat from mild to moderate migraine headaches. But this could be damaging at times. For, some or the other side effects are sure to affect you when you treat your headache from these medicines.

Ibuprofen for example, could be the cause of gastrointestinal irritation and increased blood pressure. In the aged people, it is likely to cause dizziness, drowsiness or blurred vision. When taken with lithium, sodium and white willow, Ibuprofen has even adverse of the effects.

In this context, it is essential for you to know what the function of lithium is. It is a mineral that is usually prescribed to manic depression.

Those who are addicted to alcohol have the possibility of their warfarin being affected. This condition has again several other side effects including severe dizziness or headache.

Diazepam is another prescribed drug for migraine. But it can severely harm unborn babies, as it can pass through breast milk. Its side effects are drowsiness and headache. So it is very difficult to decide about the basic or root causes of the dizziness headache.

Caffeine- the harbinger of tea and coffee gives an inspiring kick for activities throughout the day. Try to give up these drinks for a week to start with. You will experience headache. You will suffer from headache, and drowsiness.

So, your confusion prevails. Is it dizziness due to headache? Or, headache due to dizziness? Or for that matter is it an altogether some other cause, not related to either of these conditions?