Types Of Headache

Understand Your Hypertension Headache

As per the conditions prevailing in the medical treatment world today, the old adage needs slight modification. From “Health is wealth” to “Your health is my wealth.” The second part is the quote of the medical practitioner.

So, as per the conditions prevailing today, you can’t afford to fall sick. And if it is a serious type of sickness like Hypertension headache…God save all concerned!

So to save your hard earned money it is well recommended that you get your blood pressure checked at the periodical intervals. This disease keeps its secret presence within your body mechanism and on the day of its surprise appearance acts with vendetta. It has no definite symptoms. Its unofficial title is silent killer. Before you are down with the high blood pressure attack, you experience consistent headache, sometimes mild and at most of the times heavy.

It is observed that many have a pulsating headache behind the eyes. Dizziness is another factor associated with hypertension. Sometimes, the severity of the headache is such that you have fits of blackout!

Hypertension headache has many other frustrating experiences in its association. Palpitation, irregular heartbeats, nervousness, fatigue, retinal hemorrhage, cramming in legs while walking, frequent urination, shortness of breath and restlessness are few to make note of. The ultimate result could be heart failure or kidney failure.

The main problem about hypertension is that not all cases are alike. Even the sufferer, does not have an inkling of it. Some types of hypertension do provide warning in the form of headache, dizziness and sleeplessness. In such cases, timely treatment is very important and crucial.

This leads you to the conclusion that any headache should not be taken lightly. The first necessary step is to have your blood pressure checked up immediately. That will provide the clue to your headache. It is only after knowing the exact cause of your headache the condition could be treated properly. The hypertension and headache causes could be endocrine tumors, hormonal problems, alcohol abuse and kidney disorders.

When you identify the cause of hypertension, it is as good as treating the cause of the relevant headache. These are all related problems. If one is looked after well, there is no scope for the other to bother you. There can not be hypertension without the headache. But, there could definitely be a headache without the hypertension.

Treatment of hypertension headache is very much possible through lifestyle changes and by taking proper diet. Toxic elements in the blood flow hare one of the major causes of hypertension. Your changed diet aspect takes care of this issue. So, where is the scope for hypertension headache?