The Relationship Between Headache And Orgasm

It is said that an orgasm is the height of pleasure and relaxation that the human body can experience. At the same time, headache is one of the worst situation that you can find yourself in. Both of them share a very peculiar relationship.

The negative aspect of the relationship
For a number of people, the relationship between orgasm and headache, or rather the relationship between sexual activity and headaches is very negative. For such people indulging in sexual activity, at a time when they are experiencing headache is a sure shot way to boost their pain. Then in some cases there is a possibility of Coital Cephalgia where the effort of being involved in a sexual activity itself induces moderate to severe headache.

Generally, such headache can last for up to 24 hours. It is commonly found in men and has a penetration ratio of as much as one out of every four men being infected. The problem is that most of the people do not even recognize the problem and as a result, the ailment is never treated. Generally, it is possible to detect such a condition using Magnetic Resonance Imaging, CT Scan and MRA scan.

In such a condition, headache may start during, after or before the orgasm. In 70 % of cases, it is a sudden onset lasting several hours. In 25 % cases, it is subacute, crescendo headache. Only in 5 % cases, there is a possibility of postdural headache.

The positive aspect of the relationship
As recently found by Randolph W. Evans and James R. Couch, having an orgasm is a rather effective way to relieve your headache. The two doctors conducted an independent study to reach to the conclusion. According to a study at Headache Clinic at Southern Illinois University, the level of relief experienced after an orgasm significantly varies. Most of the people who did experience relief, got complete relief. In fact the ratio was as under.
* Complete Relief: 47.4 %
* No impact: 49.1%
* Negative impact 5.3%

These figures make having an orgasm only slightly less effective way than consuming triptans or DHE, both of which are considerably slow in having impact. According to the two doctors, the fact that orgasm can suppress headache does open up the possibility that it can also be effective in suppressing Migraine, both of which are two different neural events. The two doctors claim that more research should be conducted in this area to find more accurate results.

All in all, orgasm and headache share a rather complex relationship, much of which is still to be explored and documented. With the research that has already been conducted and the findings in hand, it can be definitely said that there are many interesting possibilities.