Waking Up Gives Me Such A Headache

Some people wake up every morning with headache. Study reveals that 1 in 13 people have headache when they get up. As per study, 7.6% people have had continuous headache for four years. This is suffering for a long period. Mostly this type of headache happens with women between the age group of 45 and 64.
In sleep apnea, man feels sleepy during day. In sleep apnea, he stops breathing for one or two seconds during the sleep. This is a cause of worry. It is common in US. About 18 million people have this problem. This gives a strange feeling. You wake up with headache. You feel as if you have not slept. You have dry throat. You snore too loud. You wake up abruptly.

People with sleep apnea do not have deep sleep. They are deprived of sleep. This is the prime cause of headache. Consult a doctor in case symptoms persist. The doctor will diagnose the condition by sleep study. General remedy is CPAP machine with mask.

Some people grind teeth during the night. In case they grind teeth in excess, the muscles and jaw become tight. This causes pain. This makes them wake up with headache. There is a solution though. Such persons need to see the dentist. He will fit them with night guard. It is a soft plastic appliance. It sits in the mouth in much comfort. This appliance proves effective to stop grinding. This is also available online.

Suffering people can toss and turn during night. There is a horrid sensation when they move legs on the bed. They feel as if insects are crawling on legs. To get rid of this, they must reduce smoking, caffeine and alcohol intake. Some people are benefited by hot and cold packs. They need supplements of iron and magnesium in such a condition. Ropinirole, a drug for Parkinson’s disease, is useful for restless legs, one of the causes of wake up headache.