What Triggers Headaches?

Everybody might have a different cause for what triggers their headache. But one thing is for sure that whatever be the cause, the pain can be unbearable. Scientists have identified some common causes for headaches. See which one triggers yours.

-Any kind of alcohol or caffeine that is found in cola, coffee, tea or soda pop.

-Sudden caffeine withdrawal may also lead to headaches.

-Smoking…even passive smoking can cause headaches!

-Very salty foods can be the culprit. However, some foods may prove totally unsuitable for certain people, particularly Chinese that contains MSG commonly known as Ajinomoto.

-Poor eating habits like missing meals, extreme diets or fasting may also trigger headaches.

-Dehydration is one of the most common causes. So make sure to drink loads of water.

-Missing sleep or changing the sleep patterns might also cause headaches. But do you know that oversleeping might also be a cause of headache?

-Stress, anxiety, tension and depression are quite common culprits.

-Some medications for the heart, blood pressure and hormones may also trigger headaches.

-And yes, not to forget poor posture and body mechanics can also lead to headaches.

strong sunlight and strong odors may cause headaches.

-What about chewing gum or clenching and grinding teeth? Their usage may also trigger headaches.

These are just a few of the commonly identified features that may cause headaches. You ought to find out the main culprit in your case to take remedial action. Best of Luck!!