Know Your Pain

Self Care to Control Headache- A Few Tips

Almost everyone has suffered from headaches at some point of time or the other. Occasional headaches are, then, natural. However, a recurring pattern of headaches can wreck havoc on your life. And though you can counter them with the help of medication, prolonged use of medication can make you dependent. Hence, it is best that you take some steps on your own to eliminate headaches from your life.

Opt For a Healthy Lifestyle

In order to rid your self of tension headaches, it is essential that you lead a healthy lifestyle. This includes the following.

* Eat nutritious and balanced meals on designated intervals. Sufficient calories and other vital nutrients are essential for the body to work properly.
* In order to stay mentally sharp, it is essential that you engage in a daily routine of exercise. This would help you stay fit. It would also keep your body cholesterol low and your energy levels high.
* Take rest for a minimum of six hours a day. Your body needs to recuperate and rejuvenate itself from the hard-work and wear and tear that it has seen through-out the day. Without this rest, body parts and functions may lose their synchronous movement.
* Despite its ability to help curb headaches, do not consume too much caffeine. Too much caffeine can increase the headache and make you feel irritated.

Don't Put Yourself under Too Much Stress

* Instead of doing too many things at the same time, it is best that you concentrate your attention only a selected things of utmost importance. This would help your mind to relax.
* Instead of postponing the work in the future, it is better that you finish it today itself. Also, better time management is something which is important. An updated to-do list both at office and home can help in this regard.
* It is best that you pamper yourself with a break when you think you have overshot your work limit. This would help you recharge your batteries and come back rejuvenated.
* Reflect a positive attitude towards the things around you. 

Keep a Positive Body Attitude

* It is better that you always keep a positive body attitude. Walk, sit and move properly. Do not get into awkward positions.
* Keep your muscles relaxed. If you feel your body muscles slipping into a tensed state, treat them with either a hot water treatment or an ice pack.
* Go for a body massage when you feel that different parts of your body are becoming tensed.
* Practice deep breathing regularly. Try to hold your breath for two-three minutes. Concentrate your thoughts in the meanwhile.
* If possible, practice yoga.