Sinus Headaches

A Pain In The Sinus

The sinus cavities are located in the bones behind and just above the nose. So right after a cold or an allergy, the sinuses can get blocked by either excess mucus or by the swelling of the tissues lining the sinus. Because of the blockage in the sinuses, it may further lead to a bacterial, viral or a fungal infection, thus worsening the situation.

It is the swelling and congestion which results in building up of extra pressure in the head leading to a sinus headache.

The pain is severe, starting in the morning. It gets worse with movement like bending over, exercising or even blowing the nose. A sinus headache results in pain above the nose, between the eyes, around the eyes and in the cheek area. There is also a tenderness in the affected area.

The headache usually goes away once the sinuses are clear.