Sinus Headaches

Chronic Sinusitus Explanation

Chronic Sinusitus simply means inflammation in the nasal passage of your sinuses due to infection or some allergy. You may undergo some misery and pain due to this condition. This kind of sinusitis usually lasts for 3 to 8 weeks but can continue for months or even years. Lot many people get infected by this and lots of money is being spent on its medication and treatment. This can also lead to some other problems like breathing problem, different types of headaches, congestion and headache fever. You may also undergo sinus headache, migraines, cough headache, headache nausea, sore throat headache and eye strain headache.

If you want to know what causes chronic sinusitis, the answer is that it can be due to dust, mold, pollen or damp weather. To treat chronic sinusitus, there are a number of herbal ways that can help you in getting relief from that constant headache. There are some ways to get natural headache relief. For more information, read Do Away With Your Sinus Through Herbal Remedies.

Installing the air humidifier and air conditioner at your place will also be of help. Avoid smoking and smoke stuffed places. Try not to swim until and unless its necessary. You may also try Mangolia flower and xanthum fruit. They are very effective in reducing inflammation of nasal passage. Plantain, Marjoram and Ground Ivy mixture are also effective in treating chronic sinusitis.

After trying all these remedies if you think that your allergy is not getting any better, you should visit a doctor. He'll be able to prescribe effective medication for you.