Sinus Headaches

Who Gets Sinus Headaches - Prevalence And Diagnosis

Also, allergic rhinitis seems to be an aggravating factor. Those prone to colds and allergies are the ones who usually acquire the sinus headache.

Those who have any kind of a structural deformity in the nose like a deformed bone or tissue are also at a higher risk of acquiring a sinus headache.

How to diagnose a sinus headache?
A sinus headache is quite often confused with a migraine or a tension-type headache. Hence, the physician firstly takes a detailed medical history of the patients and then performs a physical exam.

The nasal discharge may be tested for the possibility of any allergy or infections.

The confirmation of one suffering from a sinus headache can be made with the help of an x-ray or a CT scan (Computed Tomography Scan) to show if there is any swelling or fluid in the sinus tissue. Further confirmation can be btained by performing a nasal endoscopy to look inside the nose and take samples of the nasal discharge to be tested.

If the X-ray, CT scan and the nasal endoscopy show positive results then the patient is diagnosed with sinus headache.