Sinus Headaches

Sinusitis Pictures And Images

Sinusitis refers to a condition characterized by the inflammation of the sinuses caused because of fungal, viral or bacterial infection. The sinuses are air-filled cavities around the cheeks, eyes and forehead.  In sinusitis, the sinuses are clogged with mucus and they may become prone to infection.

Sinusitis often follows allergic or respiratory infections. People suffering from asthma, pregnancy, cystic fibrosis or those who are exposed to tobacco smoke and pollution are at a greater risk of developing sinusitis.

Medical practitioners recommend MRI, X-Ray and CT scans to detect the extent of the condition. MRI, X-Ray and CT scan reports are available in the form of sinusitis pictures. These images are used to detect blockages of the sinus region so that a proper treatment plan can be devised to treat these constrictions.

Sinusitis pictures are also used to show the effectiveness of a particular treatment plan. Often medical practitioners may prescribe subsequent MRI, X-Ray or CT scans as a part of follow-up of the treatment plan.  In such instances, these subsequent sinusitis pictures and images help the doctor to determine the effectiveness of the administered treatment plan.

The examining doctor may use these images to alter existing treatment, prescribe new treatment or increase or decrease prescribed drug dosages, as the need may be. In cases, where the treatment is giving the desired results, sinusitis pictures may help the medical practitioner to determine the progress of the cure and decide when to discontinue the treatment.

The advent of MRI, CT scans and X-Ray has given a new dimension to the treatment of several diseases. This method of diagnosis provides a clear and an accurate picture of the spread of a particular disease. Sinusitis is one such example where these medical tests are extensively used. The images procured from these tests help the examining doctor take vital decisions about the continuance and effectiveness of a particular treatment plan.