Sinus Headaches

Symptoms Of Sinus Headaches: This Is How It Shows

A sinus headache is a condition in which the sinuses get infected and inflame leading to a sinus headache. This is usually confused with sinusitis and even at times with a migraine.

It is essential to be familiar with the symptoms of a sinus headache so that requisite treatment can be taken for the same. A sinusitis if it gets aggravated can lead to an infection when the sinuses become inflamed and lead to a sinus headache.

In a sinus headache you can feel the mucus at the back of your throat when you are lying down. The mucus is thicker than normal and usually discolored. There is congestion in the nose and the throat. But most importantly, the symptoms of a sinus headache, unlike a migraine, last long enough to actually give you a fever.

Fatigue is also common and the headache is localized around the eyes. The pain extends over the cheek and the forehead and the area may become tender to the touch. There can be a sensation in the ears and facial swelling as well.

An x-ray or a CT scan (Computed Tomography Scan) is required to confirm the presence of a sinus headache.