Sinus Headaches

Triggering A Sinus Headache

There are some factors or triggers which may precipitate a sinus headache. Apart from the very obvious cause, that is sinusitis, there are others as well. The other factors could be as follows:

•A cold or an allergy can lead to a sinus headache.

•It is seen quite often that one suffers from a sinus headache after a bout of fever or flu.

•Hay fever can also result in a sinus headache.

•Sometimes, a dental infection may be what is causing sinus headache. In that case, it is important to visit a dentist and get the infection treated and cured.

 •In a few cases, smoke and dust may be the culprits. If these are what have triggered your sinus headache, then it is important that you get away and stay away from them as much as possible.

•Also, it has been seen that if there is a deformity in the nose and or the bones in the nose have been injured due to some accident, then the sinuses may get blocked on a regular basis thus leading to sinus headaches.

Though all these triggers are curable, the period for which you have to suffer the sinus headache is quite painful. You can also consult your doctor and ask him what you can do at home to get relief from this horrible headache and do that at home.