Sinus Headaches

What Causes Sinus?

Sinus is a very common disease and millions suffer from it. Sinus is mainly a result of inflamed nasal passage. Most often it is dust and pollen that get into sinuses resulting in sinus. Sinuses are cavities in which environmental content and pus accumulates which results in pressure on sinus wall, thus giving way to discomfort and pain.

Most often sinus triggers off because of viral fever. If you are suffering from fungal infection, you are likely to develop sinus. Allergies like rhinitis may also cause it. If your immune system is not strong enough, you can easily fall prey to it. Moreover, your increased susceptibility to allergies can make you more prone to catch sinus problem.

Inflammation of sinusitis sometimes may be an outcome of certain medicinal infections. So, proper diagnosis before treatment is a must. Causes of sinus usually revolve around respiratory infections and various allergies. Sometimes facial tumor and structural disorder in nasal passage may result in sinus. Cleft palate or deviated septum also results in sinus.

If you are a swimmer or diver, you are more likely to get this disease. If you are a mountaineer then your regular climbing may pave the way for sinus. A remarkable variation in atmospheric pressure can also cause sinus.

These are some common causes which must be known before adopting any course of treatment.