Sinus Headaches

Do Away With Your Sinus Through Herbal Remedies

Is the constantly nagging sinus chucking peace out of your life? Well, well, you need to do something about it for sure. But what? Some herbal remedies can solve your problem without much of hassle. Get ready for them, here they come:

  • Placing some ginger and cinnamon paste on forehead is bound to provide relief.

  • Put a mixture of warm lavender, tarpine, almond and tea tree oil in the ears.

  • A formula of schizonopeta, siler and astragalus is very popular. It has its origin in China.

  • Mangolia flower and xanthum fruit are also very effective in reducing inflammation of nasal passage.

  • There are various anti-viral and anti-bacterial herbs that reduce sinus problem originating from viral and bacterial infection.

  • Nettle leaves and dandolin herbs help in curbing chronic sinus. Using peppermint would greatly reduce sinus problem.

  • Cayenne works as a pain killer. In case of severe sinus pain it is very helpful. Chamomile tea could also serve the same purpose.

  • Peppermint oil, ethinesia angustifolia, Goldenseal root, eye bright herbs are other useful herbs. Grape fruit seed extract could be an alternative herbal medicine. It could be mixed with warm water and be inhaled in the form of nasal spray.

  • Plantain, Marjoram and Ground Ivy mixture are also effective in treating sinus.

Along with the above stated, certain herb based homeopathic medicines are also available that treat sinus without any side effects. Also, all other herbs that strengthen the immune system, treat cough, irritation and allergy are also advisable.