Sinus Headaches

How To Treat Sinus At Home

Basic reason behind sinus is the inflammation of the nasal passage and the basic treatment is inhaling steam that brings instant relief. It is easily possible at home. There are some other home remedies and measures which can keep you away from sinus. These are:

  • Keeping steroid spray and inhaler at home can help you a lot.

  • Mostly it is pollutants that give way to sinus, so an air conditioner at home would be of great help. You can also get a humidifier for your room.

  • Make a routine of taking hot bath that would humidify you for a good long period. Excessive consumption of liquid may prove helpful.

In addition to these measures, certain natural treatments could also be done at home. These treatments range from homeopathy to herbal cure:

  • A common treatment at home involves a mixture of lavender, almond, tea tree and pine oil. It could be warmed and it's drop could be put in ears regularly to treat sinus.

  • Home treatment also involves placing compresses on the affected area. Hot and cold compresses could be used alternatively for quick relief. In case of severe pain, these are quite handy.

  • You may also place a paste of ginger and water or cinnamon and water on the forehead to get rid of pain. Another paste of ginger and basil leaves could also prove helpful.

  • Grape juice and warm tea may also prove effective.

These simple measures and remedies could be helpful in a big way. They can be easily practiced without much of hassle. So, try them out!