Sinus Headaches

Over The Counter Sinus Medicine

Sinus headaches are associated with a swelling of the membranes lining the sinuses. Pain occurs in the affected region. Sinus headaches tend to worsen as you bend forward or lie down. The key to relieving the symptoms lies in reducing sinus swelling and inflammation and facilitating mucous drainage from the sinuses.

Drugs in these categories are useful in providing relief from symptoms of allergies, upper respiratory infections (i.e., sinusitus, colds, flu), and vasomotor rhinitis (a chronic stuffy nose caused by such unrelated conditions as emotional stress, thyroid disease, pregnancy, and others). These drugs do not cure the allergies and infections, but they only relieve the symptoms. For more information on Over The Counter Sinus Medicine, read A Total Guide To Your Sinus Headache

But every headache is not a sinus headache! Sinus and nasal passage problems are some of the headache causes. Mostly, it is not that if you have pain in the sinus area, you definitely have a sinus disorder. When the nasal passage and sinus are inflamed, it can result in a severe headache. Sinus patients complain about:

1. Chills and fevers
2. Swelling of face
3. Nasal stiffness
4. Tension in the upper teeth, which will give lots of pain
5. Yellow or green discharge

If you are suffering from sinus, you must live a controlled life, and must remain highly disciplined, with regard to the diet. Over the counter sinus medicine is not the only cure. For sinus headache relief medicines are available which make a sufferer a bit comfortable but natural headache relief can only be achieved by keeping a check on other aspects as well.