Sinus Headaches

Set The Sinus Headache Going On The Vapors Of The Steam

Sinus headache is a condition in which patient may also experience pain around eyes, fever and swelling of face, along with headache.

Treatment of the same aims at drying mucus from sinuses. Sinus pain could be checked by following homely available measures:

  • Taking steam would greatly reduce sinus pain.
  • Placing hot and cold compress alternatively would also serve the same purpose.
  • If its an allergy based sinus, you may keep nasal steroid sprays.

Medicines like antihistamines could be also of some help. Various types of decongestants are useful in decreasing inflammation. Zylometazoline and oxymetazoline are some commonly used anticongestants. Asteroid sprays mometasone and beclometasone are also used to get comfort.

Treatment may also include homeopathy and acupuncture as alternative therapies. Various relaxation exercises and stretches could also prove useful. For immediate relief medicines like ibuprofen and aspirin could be also taken. More fluid consumption also decreases sinus pain.

Sometimes, structural disorder in nasal cavity also gives way to sinus. In that case, surgery is the only option. Some herbal remedies are also available. For example, one or two cloves of raw garlic can reduce inflammation and if taken for a few days can cure the problem.

But, inhaling steam and taking steroid sprays remain the basic remedies besides consulting youtr doctor.