Causes Of Headache

Causes and Treatment of Stress Headaches

Headaches are triggered by a number of factors out of which stress is one. Headache caused due to stress in medical terms is called a tension headache or simply a stress headache. In stress headaches you suffer from ache on both sides of your head specially the temples. Many people also feel tight in the neck muscles and head. The tension headaches usually begin slowly and increase in intensity, making them unbearable.

Diagnosing stress headache is easy for medical practitioners, they can tell you the kind of headache you are suffering from, and for this kind of ailment you need not undergo any kind of blood test, x-ray, CT scan or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). The doctor can confirm if you are suffering from stress headaches if you tell them the symptoms and the exact place where the pain is being felt.

The treatment of stress headaches depend on the intensity of the pain and its frequency. Medicines can help a lot, but a major portion of the treatment lies in your hands. First and foremost thing you should do is to keep yourself relaxed and stress free. Always keep free from tensions and anger. For acute or episodic attack some over the counter drugs can be taken. Episodic stress headache may occur at intervals and may last up to 15 days. You should note the possible side effects of such medicines before taking them. It is advised that you take them on the prescription of an experienced doctor.

For chronic tension headaches the advice of a doctor is a must. If headache remains for more than 15 days the condition is termed as chronic. The medications for chronic stress headache are strictly provided under medical supervision. You should take them as per advice and complete the recommended dosage.

There are certain things you can do which are a part of a holistic approach of treating the ailment and these would keep your tension headaches at bay for ever.

At the onset of the headache, apply a  heat pad or ice pack. A shower can also  appreciable relieve stress.

Rest is very important along with adequate sleep. Try to go to bed at same time and wake up at the same time always. Insufficient sleep increases the chances of a stress headache.

Take breaks and relax whenever you are stressed out and working hard. If possible you should take a vacation and spend time with your family.

A regular exercise of 30 minutes helps to a great extent in busting stress.