Types Of Headache

Do You Feel Eye Strain Headache?

Most of us send daily invitation to such headaches by over exposing our eyes constantly to television, computers screens and video games. To add to the woes, pollution all around makes the matters worse.


Headaches Caused Due To Brain Infections

Sometimes, the brain might get infected by either viruses or bacteria. This may lead to infections called encephalitis or meningitis both of which are inflammatory diseases. The essential difference between the two is that encephalitis is the inflammation of the brain tissues whereas meningitis is the inflammation of the brain coverings.


How To Fight Allergy Headache And Get Headache Relief?

Headache itself is no ordinary suffering for you and to have an adjective before it, like allergy is a double tragedy! A long term plan and a strict disciplined life with reference to all your activities is needed to combat allergy headache. Slightest mistake on your part in breaking the discipline will give you lots of sufferings. It will take some time for you to decide what you are actually allergic to, and your body will not accept anything beyond, once you draw the dividing line!