Types Of Headache

A Complete Guide To Your Tension Headache

  Your family doctor may give you the medicine for headache but can he relieve you of your tension? Perhaps, none can relieve you of your tension, except your own self!

As a medical problem, how will the medical practitioner treat this tension headache? To understand Tension Headache in its proper perspective, it is necessary to understand the human personality as a whole. The layers of personality of a human being are four. He lives at the physical level, mental level, intellectual level and the transcendental level!

If there is disturbance in any particular layer, there is tension! The psyche is disturbed! It is not desirable to treat such disturbances by medication and antibiotics. Some deeper understanding of life and the related specific methods will have to be put into practice!

To talk in terms of the secular aspects, tension headaches are caused by the ever famous stress. Tension, physical and mental conditions that lead to chronic muscular tension and headache include: over anxiety, spinal arthritis and also that of neck, bone disk slip, depression due to family worries and financial losses and/or any other strong reasons to upset the mind. The list of such negative traits can go on and on...

The cutthroat competition of the modern materialistic world has in a great measure contributed to tension headache and increase in the number of patients with mental disorders!

The best and effective treatment for tension headache is self management. You have to go to the root cause of your tension; the headache will automatically disappear then. Meditation, yoga exercises and pranayamas will throw out the problem of tension headache. The number of yoga schools existing in USA is increasing by leaps and bounds and it a clear-cut indication, for the case in point!