Types Of Headache

Are You Suffering From Tension Headache?

Whether headache is the cause of tension or the tension is the cause of headache? Or whether their origin is due to the same cause? The dividing line between tension and headache is very thin.

The tension headache is the unique and generous gift of the modern materialistic civilization. Most of the people caught in the grip of this civilization are out to run an endless marathon that has no end. Most of these crazy run ups end on stretchers, ambulances and ICUs in the hospital. Tension headaches are directly responsible for this sorry state of affair.

Man forgets that he has only the proverbial hundred years to live. Yet he adopts a lifestyle and the thinking process that he is not going to die at all and only others will die. Most of you are ever ready to destroy others if it helps your survival and prosperity. I am not making a philosophical statement. Go through the columns of any news paper. You will get dozens of instances everyday, in support of my statement.

What is the source of these tensions? An individual, on a normal working day, is connected to his family, his friends and his office. Any serious tension in any of these places is the direct cause of their tension headache. The causes may be simple or complex. Your son's poor percentage in the higher secondary examination, and as a result, his inability to get admission in any of the Colleges, might be the reason for your tension headache.

It is the most common form of headache. This is not to be confused with the serious form of headaches. Tension headache could be due to a single factor. The moment a solution is found to that problem, the tension headache will disappear.

You may not need any treatment or medicine for this type of tension headache. This headache can be compared to the sharp, passing showers. It comes and it goes. But if you experience intense pain when you have such headaches, you need to consult your doctor immediately.

How to treat the tension headache? The correct treatment is to go to the root cause of the tension and treat that cause. When that cause is satisfactorily resolved, the headache will vanish automatically. Solving the tension headache through over the counter medications is not the correct solution.

It could at best be the temporary solution. The effect of the medicine over the headache will reappear again. Read some lessons on right type of living. Good literature, many a times, solves the riddles of tension.