Types Of Headache

Is Your Work Stress Causing You Headache?

  Work is bondage, work is liberation! Work is suffering, work is the bliss! Thus goes the wise saying in the sacred Oriental Texts. The detailed comments and analysis on this could be the matter for a big book. Here I will discuss the facts related to work stress only.

It is difficult to single out the causes related to work stress and headache. Stress at home could be the reason for your headache at office or vice versa.

Headache due to work stress may be due to various direct causes. The nature of work that you do could be the contributing factor. If you are sitting for example on the front desk, in places like railway station or any other counter you need to deal with hundreds of people. Your day is bound to spend with varying confusion causing queries.

At times, you may have to skip your lunch time due to the over pressure of work on you. The frequent arguments that you have with some of your clients could be another headache contributing reason for you.

For a woman, if she is a homemaker, there could be several causes of stress related headache. Firstly, she may simply be unable to cope up with the domestic work. Or, if she is a working woman, the combination of work stress at office and her domestic duties are going to challenge her physical as well as mental strength. She may experience continuous headache on these accounts.

Many times, the remedy becomes worst than the disease. When you have headache, possibly to counter it, you go on taking coffee, tea or any other soft drinks. The reputation of these drinks is well known to you. You have a feeling that there is some reduction in the level of headache, but it is actually not so. Caffeine content in these items is not the cure, but one of the underlying causes of headache. By making a habit of taking such drinks, you are only nurturing your headache.

To tackle headache due to work stress, you need to understand the causes of stress and the nature of your work. You need to budget your time and draw a work schedule. Your place of work is your place of worship, do your best for it, and then forget the rest. Do not give importance for the situations not created by you. Your patience and understanding can solve many of the problems, and consequently lighten your stress.

No matter what kind of work we do, stress is part of our lives. We can reduce our stress levels, but we can't eliminate it. We can learn to control it and live with it. When you are able to eliminate the causes of work stress, your headache will be a thing of the past.