Know Your Pain

Caught with Orgasm Headache: Yes Dear, Tonight Again!

Is your orgasm a headache? For others it may be a joke but not for you. Headache during sexual activity is the last thing anybody would want. But it is not very uncommon. One in a hundred people experience a mild to severe headache that rises as the sexual activity moves towards the climax. It is more common in men than women. Although it is benign in most of the cases, sometimes it could be a sign of a serious underlying condition.

Symptoms and causes:
In one type of sex headache L1, the pain suddenly starts within a few moments of orgasm. It is a pounding or piercing pain and this type occurs most commonly. The reason for this type of headache could be increased intracranial pressure during activity. Another reason could be bleeding of the blood vessels in the brain.

The second type of sex headache is a dull bilateral pain that builds up as pleasure increases. Usually the headache subsides after the sexual intercourse is over, but sometimes it stays on for hours together. This type of headache is usually caused by stiffening of muscles in the scalp and neck during rigorous moves.

When to seek help:
Although sex headaches are benign and not a cause of worry, you should see a doctor if you've only recently started experiencing them. Or if your sex headaches seem to be getting worse or different in terms of symptoms, it is advisable to consult a doctor. It is better to check or rule out possibilities of serious intracranial problems. Tell your doctor everything without any inhibitions in order to get the correct diagnosis. Bleeding, tumors, strokes and aneurysm can all be a possibility and you want to act fast in that case. Your doctors might want you to go through an MRI scan, angiogram or a spinal tap procedure to check for underlying conditions.

Prevention and treatment:
Preventive measures for sex headache include improving physical fitness, reducing weight, being passive during intercourse, avoiding postures that intensify pain, avoiding multiple intercourses, and taking preventive medications.

Anti-inflammatory medicines, triptans and beta blockers like propranolol can be taken to avoid sex headaches. You can talk to your doctor and see what is right for you. In mild cases of sex headache, you need not have to bother because the headache will disappear after a few minutes.

Women, go for it:
Sometimes, when women avoid sex because they have a headache, they could actually be avoiding a cure for headache. After an interesting research, some doctors have come up with the claim that sexual intercourse actually relieves migraine in some cases. The study did not include men.