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Post-exercise Headache- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

You might have encountered this many a times that after a session of workout your head inexplicably begins to throb with pain. The duration of the pain might be only for a few minutes or oven a few hours.

Cause of Post-exercise Headache

The reason(s) behind the occurrence of such a bout of headache can be many. One of them is migraine. Yoga exercise or any other type of physical training inevitably leads to the triggering of migraine chain-reaction. This then results in the migraine resurfacing. However, the symptoms of this migraine are not the same as that encountered otherwise. Do not allow that to mislead you. The main reason is "still migraine".

It is best that you get yourself examined by a trained physician. If "still migraine" is the cause of your headache then you need to get yourself treated for migraine. The need to do so increases all the more when the symptoms are recurring quite frequently within a month. Regular dose of preventive medications duly prescribe by a physician can help your case.

You can also request your physician to prescribe you a medicine that can be taken immediately before or after a workout session, in order to lessen the chances of you suffering from migraine. This would nip the problem right at the bud and you will not suffer excessively.

Could there be other reasons for Post-exercise Headache?

Migraine is not the only cause of post-exercise headache. Post-exercise headache can be cause by many serious and non-serious causes as well. An example of non-serious cause of headache could be the exertion experienced during a rigorous training schedule. An example of a serious cause of headache could be spinal problem.

If you get a new headache after you exercise you should pay a visit to a physician to evaluate the possibility of brain haemorrhage. This situation is extremely dangerous as blood vessels inside the brain now actually get ruptured by the impact of training. Further, there is also a need to evaluate other complications in the blood vessels as well.

Treatment of Post-exercise Headache

There is not much data available on these types of headaches. Hence, there are not too many options available when it comes to treating them. Despite that, those experiencing post-exercise headaches can take recourse to the following medications:

* Ergotamine Tartrate: many patients have found relief from post-exercise headache with the help of this medication.

* Indomethecin (Indocin): This is an anti-inflammatory medication which can suppress any type of inflammation. Usually recommended when blood vessels in your brain begin to throb vibrantly and bang against your skull bones.

In all the rest cases, it is advised that patients consult their physicians to know about preventive medication that they can have.