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Sex Headaches- Causes and Its Treatment

Headaches which accompany orgasmic moments during sexual intercourse are termed as sex headaches. These headaches are rare. Only 2.78 per cent of headaches are deemed as sex headaches. Though in rare cases these can be a result of a medical complication, in majority of them they are a result of vigorous exercise undertaken during a sexual encounter.

Though both men as well as women reach a status of climax, sex headaches occur more commonly in case of men. The reason for this aberration (aberration because according to studies it is women who get more headaches than men) seems to be the fact that men experience a shorter but intensely vigorous orgasm than women. Muscle contraction is more intense in the case of men due to which headaches easily follow a climax.
This does not mean that women won't get them. However, it is women over 40 who are more prone to get it. Further, those women who already suffer from migraine or have recently taken up an exercise routine are also prone to suffer from sex headaches.

What Causes Sex Headaches?
The main reason for occurrence of sex headaches is the body's inability to cope with the increased blood pressure that emerges, reaches a climax and then subsides inside our brain during the course of a sexual encounter. However, it might happen in some extremely rare cases that the cause of sex headaches are ailments like aneurysm, bleeding in the skull, various endocrine disorders, meningitis, strokes, and tumors.

How Can Sex Headaches Be Treated?

In order to cure headaches, the way out may be a difficult one- abstinence from sex. One can also opt for a different sexual position or a more subdued role during the course of sex. However, there are very less chances of these methods of succeeding, for mankind is essentially pleasure-seeking in nature. Hence, we need to find some alternative treatment methods to cure this problem.

Researchers have observed that the method employed in treating ordinary headaches works with sex headaches as well. Common non-narcotic headache medication such as Anaprox (550mg) or Naproxen (500mg) when taken an hour or two before sex can help in prevention of sex headaches. A 400mg (or more) dosage of Ibuprofen can also help. Further, 40mg dosage of a blood pressure reducing drug called Propranolol can also be used.

For those who suffer from migraine and which gets intensified after sexual orgasm, ergotamine can work. People have also tried the regularly available aspirin in order to cure sex headaches. Some people also try plain old aspirin to cure sex headaches.

Sex headaches can also be dealt at a psychological level. It usually happens that anxiety levels and expectations out a relationship also play a contributing role in the occurrence of sex headaches. In such a case, either the person needs to address the issue with his/her partner or seek counseling.

If all the above steps fail, then one can play the waiting game. Headaches would subside in about a month's time.