Treating Headache With Acupressure
If you wish to treat headache naturally then acupressure is one of the best options that you have. Using acupressure to cope with headaches provides you with an effective and easy solution to headache. This natural therapy focuses on massaging certain points, known as pressure points, which alleviates the pain.

When the pressure points are massaged, the blocked energy inside the body is released. This released energy combats various ailments in the body. Also, acupressure improves the blood circulation, easing the contracted blood vessels. It also releases the blood beta endorphin, which is the body's natural pain killing material. This helps provide pain relief.

In addition to treating your headache, acupressure also helps release stiffness in the joints. Though, this natural therapy works for all headache types, it is best suited for tension headaches. It relieves the stress and helps you get rid of headache.

If used in the right manner, acupressure can target the exact cause of your headache. It helps you overcome a weak immune system, which is one of the primary causes of headache. It also deals with an unstable muscle system and accumulation of excessive toxins in the body. Each of these factors contributes to the development of a headache.

Acupressure involves massaging with the fingertips in round circular motions. A combination of several massage techniques is used to provide headache relief. While some acupressure sessions focus more on rubbing, there are others that make more use of vibration.

These days, acupressure is being used in addition with several other add-ons such as soft music, agreeable lighting system, vibrating massage chairs and the like. The combined result of acupressure and these add-ons is complete headache relief.

Treat headache on your own
You do not have to go to an acupressure therapist to treat headache. You can practice acupressure on your own too. Follow the below mentioned steps and treat headache on your own.

* Apply pressure under your eye sockets near the nose using your index fingers.
* Now apply pressure at the top of your sockets.
* Bring your fingers outside the eye. Apply pressure again.
* Place your fingers ¼ inch above your eyebrows and apply pressure.
* Move your fingers 1 inch further from the eyebrows and apply pressure again.
* Keep on moving your fingers towards your forehead, applying pressure after every inch.
* After you reach the forehead, bring your fingers to the back of your neck. Massage your neck at one inch points till the time you reach the shoulders.

Go ahead and use acupressure to get rid of headache naturally.