Types Of Headache
Dangerous Headaches In Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a time of great joy for most women. However, it also brings with it a range of new and old symptoms and ailments that may be annoying at least and debilitating at worst.
Headache And Brain Tumor
Sometimes, headache may indicate a rather serious underlying medical condition such as brain tumor. A brain tumor headache is a rare but a very serious form of headache.
Understanding Sun Exposure Headache And How To Cure It
Sun-induced headache is the result of dehydration as well as dilation of the blood vessels caused due to extended exposure to direct sunlight. It is also known as sun exposure headache.
Spinal Headache May Be Caused By An Error In Surgery!
Spinal headache is the kind of tricky as unlike other headaches, this type of headache is deliberate and is often caused by an error made at the time of surgery.
Different Types of Headaches have Different Characteristics
The problem of headache has been around ever since human civilization started. There is famous saying in this context, that is, “as long as you have heads, you’ll always have headaches!”
Coping With Holiday Headaches
At times, due to a lot of hustle- bustle that goes on during holidays, you might get headaches and that too the unbearable ones. Keep a watch!
A Three Step Guide To Cure Tension Headache Without Medicines
Most people make use of medicines to cure tension headaches. However, you can cure tension headaches without medicines too and that too in three simple steps.
Prepare Yourself Beforehand For Homemade Headache!
It’s been a long and hectic day and you have just hit the bed in order to catch up with some sound sleep. Unfortunately, instead of slumber, you’re hit with an unbearable pain which sets off your head in a spasm.
How To Get Rid Of Helium Headaches?
The main problems associated with helium inhalation are dizziness, sore throat, shortage of breath, nausea or headache. Headache caused by helium inhalation is known as helium headache.
With Several Tests, You Can diagnose the Constant Headache
Prolonged periods of headaches often prompt a person to go for the need of spectacles. He may consider himself to be suffering from some kind of problem in eye or his vision. However, it may not be so all the times.
Tips To Fight Tension Headache
Your first job to win the forte against tension type headache is to analyze the cause(s) of tension and to find the remedies one by one. Solve one issue at a time. Ask yourself the related, important questions…
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