Types Of Pressure Headaches
A headache could be caused due to various reasons- food allergy, stress, medical problems and the like. Yet another factor that can contribute to headache is pressure. Pressure in any form can lead to a headache. This could be pressure from the surrounding atmosphere or the pressure of your blood. Let us take a look at some of the common pressure headaches.

Barometric pressure headaches
In simple words, a barometric pressure headache is a type of headache that is caused due to the change in pressure of oxygen levels inside the body. A barometric headache is triggered by the change in weather. When the weather changes, it causes a relative change in the atmospheric pressure. This change in atmospheric pressure causes a change in the oxygen levels in the body. The blood vessels either contract or expand to compensate for the varying oxygen levels. This results in a headache. Barometric headache is particularly experienced in activities like flying, hiking or travelling to new destinations.

High blood pressure headaches
As the name suggests, this type of headache is caused due to high blood pressure. High blood pressure leads to constriction of blood vessels that lie under the skull. As a result, headache is developed. But, the presence of high blood pressure need not indicate the development of a headache. Headaches are caused due to high blood pressure only when there is a sudden increase in the BP levels or the blood pressure levels are far higher than the specified norms. The risk of high blood pressure headache is higher in women and people who are aged 50 and above.

Low blood pressure headaches
It is not just high blood pressure that triggers headaches. Low blood pressure too can cause a headache. When the blood pressure is far lower than the normal blood pressure, the flow of blood inside the body is restricted. As a result, oxygen is unable to reach various parts of the body including the brain. To compensate for the loss of oxygen, the blood vessels in and around the brains start constricting. This results in a headache. Headaches caused due to low blood pressure may be accompanied with nausea and dizziness.

Sinus pressure headaches
Sinus pressure headaches is caused in people who suffer from sinus infections or sinusitis. Sinuses are typically air pockets that lie under the face. Air reaches these sinuses via narrow bony passages. Some times, these bony passages may be swollen and trap air. This results in a headache. Sinus pressure headaches are accompanied with nasal swelling and pain around the entire face. Typically a decongestant is advised for those dealing with sinus pressure headaches. If you cannot go to the doctor, then taking steam will also help treat the problem.