Headache Has Cervical Origin Too


Headache is a common malady and millions suffer from it. But its causes and origin differ from person to person. Its really difficult to determine the origin of headache but once determined it can be cured forever.

Cervical originated headache is one of such difficult to diagnose headaches. It is also called cervico genic headache. Although this pain is in the form of headache, its origin lies in cervical spine. Some sort of movement dysfunction of cervical spine gives way to this pain. This cervical dysfunction impedes smooth flow of blood to head by causing disturbance to vertebral arteries. It may affect blood circulation in head thus causing headache.

This kind of pain may also be triggered off because of cervical spondylosis. Sub-occipital pain is mainly due to it. Anti-inflammatory medicines of non-steroid type may curb the pain. This type of pain holds fluctuating severity. Its symptoms are almost like other headache symptoms except for sub-occipital palpation that is its most exquisite symptom.

Course of treatment may involve a spine therapist who can suggest remedies after examining causes of pain. Spinal injections and nerve block injections could also be a better solution to it. These injections could be given under X-ray guidance that helps locate the affected area.

Massage and acupuncture are the alternative therapies while medication may also prove very effective in treating cervicogenic pain.