Understanding Sun Exposure Headache And How To Cure It

It is a Sunday morning and you have gone for a cricket match with your friends. After the match, you come back home and suddenly you experience headache that refuses to go away easily. This sun-induced headache is the result of dehydration as well as dilation of the blood vessels caused due to extended exposure to direct sunlight. It is also known as sun exposure headache.

Tips to treat sun exposure headache  
Though sun exposure headache has been induced, but what best can be done is that as soon as you start experiencing pain, go to a cool dark environment. Stay under shade and take few effective medicines such as aspirin, acetaminophen and Ibuprofen. This will lower or rather normalize the temperature of your body. Continually, sip on some cold water and let your body become hydrated.

Take shower in lukewarm water and bring down your body temperature by washing your hair. However, dry your hair properly to prevent chills or fever.

Soak a small towel in cool water and wring it. Now, place that towel on your forehead as well as eyes and take some rest. You could also wrap ice cubes in to a towel and keep it on your head.

Squeeze some tea bags in cold water and then apply them on your eyes. Actually, tea is astringent and it offers relaxation to puffy tissues.

There is one Ayurvedic remedy that can aid in treatment of sun exposure headache. Firstly, take a tube and curl your tongue and insert it in the tube. Now inhalation should take place through the tube. Swallow and keep your mouth shut. Besides, exhale normally by the nose. Repeat this process. The air passing in will cool your saliva and finally it will cool your throat as well as the tongue.

You can prevent sun-induced headaches in future by staying under the shade. If you have no other option then staying under the sun for long, keep in mind the following factors:

* You can also use lightweight as well as light-colored hat that perfectly deflects the sun rays. Make sure that your hat doesn't tighten or squeeze your forehead.
* Never take hot water shower immediately after you have been under the sun.
* Avoid going under the sun in between 10:30 am to 2:30 pm.
* Also, buy a big sunglass which has UV protective lenses.
* Keep drinking a glass of non-alcoholic water every hour. This way you will stay hydrated.

Lastly, try to minimize your exposure to sunlight and stay indoors when the scorching sun rays are directly over the head.