Migraine Headache
Preventing Migraine With Depakote
Depakote is a prescription medication that is used to prevent migraine headaches. However, this medicine may also be used to treat bipolar disorder.
Cluster Headache VS Migraine
Quite often people confuse cluster headache and migraine to be the same. However, they are completely different from one another. Let us take a look at some differences between the two.
Know All About Hemiplegic Migraine Headache
Hemiplegic headache is a rare type of migraine headache. Amidst various other headache types, this one is the most serious headaches and can incapacitate a person too.
Vascular Headache Is Painful And Burning In Nature!
What is vascular headache? The term vascular headache may be attributed to the condition in which the blood vessels swells up and leads to pain. The vascular headache occurs in blood vessels that exist in the tissues surrounding the head and causes swelling and irritation.
Preventive Medications For Migraine Headaches
Dealing with migraine headaches can be a difficult thing to do. Since this headache types brings along excruciating pain, it would only be wise if you look for means to prevent the problem.
Employee Rights For Migraine Sufferers
Making things doubly tough is the perception that people who complain of migraines are often seen as slackers; a perception reinforced when a migraine sufferer whose headaches are triggered by light is seen wearing sunglasses indoors.
Know About The Phases Of Migraine
Migraine is one of the most common and annoying types of headache. Like other headache types, this one too comes with its own set of symptoms.
New Migraine Medicine
Headache research is a field which is persistently busy in finding new migraine medicine. Examples of migraine medications currently on the market include: propranolol, timolol, divalproex and some antidepressants.
Quick Answers To The Most Common Migraine Questions
Aura (visual disturbances such as flashing lights, zigzagging lines, numbness, paralysis) experienced twenty to sixty minutes before onset of head pain.
Ocular Migraine May Also Be Termed As Ophthalmologic Migraine!
Migraine is generally associated with headache which becomes almost chronic in nature and you can be under attack any time without any warning signs.
Special Nutritional Changes to Fight Migraines
Improper eating habits are considered among the top conditions that induce different illnesses. This is also true in the case of headaches and migraine. A few changes may be required!
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