Cluster Headache
Treating Cluster Headache With Oxygen Therapy
Recent studies and researches have revealed that oxygen therapy can prove beneficial in treating cluster headache. Using pure oxygen at a high flow can help ease cluster headaches considerably.
An Overview of Cluster Migraines
Migraine is a kind of headache that is very prolonged in its course and very disturbing. There are many types of migraines of which “cluster migraines” is the one which is very debilitating. In cluster migraines as the name suggests a number of headaches occur in your head at the same time. The sensation is said to be similar to a red hot poker inserted into your eye.
Cluster Headaches - Much More Painful!
Headache is one of the most common diseases that almost everyone suffers during his/her life time.
What Triggers Off A Cluster Headache
Just like no one cause can be pinpointed as the cause of many diseases, similarly there is not one single factor that can lead to a cluster headache. A multitude of factors may be responsible for the same.
Types And Symptoms Of Cluster Headaches
A person may start getting cluster headaches when he is in his adolescence or early 20s. The individual attack lasts for less than two hours. And when the pain ends, there are additional stabs of pain. Know about it's symptoms and types...
What Can Be Done To Treat Cluster Headaches
Cluster headaches are amenable to treatment. However, chronic cluster headaches are quite resistant even to medical therapy. Since these headaches can prove to be quite disabling, impacting the victim's life in all aspects, it is essential that all the treatment options for this disorder be explored.
Your Total Guide To Cluster Headache
Two heads are better than one! A cluster of heads is still better! But this cluster headache is definitely not desirable! One should not suffer from this chasing disease.
Prevalence And Diagnosis Of Cluster Headaches
Over the past few decades, it has been found that the gap between the sexes, as far as cluster headaches are concerned, is decreasing. Sometimes, even some doctors are unfamiliar about this disease and they may misconstrue it as drug-seeking behavior. Know more...
What Causes Cluster Headaches
A type of vascular headache, cluster headache suggests clustering of headaches in the head. Considered to be quite rare, the reasons behind cluster headaches are still unclear.