Cluster Headaches - Much More Painful!
Headache is one of the most common diseases that almost everyone suffers during his/her life time. There are numerous types of headaches and to cure one, you need to know what type of headache you have. Cluster headache is one type of the headache of which we will find out here the causes and available treatments.

Cluster headache is the least common headache amongst the people who suffer from headaches. Generally, a person recognizes cluster headache by its frequency. It occurs in clusters within a period of one to three weeks and the in-between gap could even extend to a year. Another thing that characterizes this type of headache is that it affects only one side of the head at a time.

If you are suffering from cluster headache, you will feel the pain near the temple or the eyes but only at one side at a time. However, the pain may travel and change sides. Besides these two symptoms, another important one is that cluster headache is a debilitating one. It is so severe that sucks out all the energy from your body and you are unable to do anything at all. Also, you get stuffy nose, swelling in the affected areas and watery eyes.

Moreover, this pain will cause you to become restless and you will sweat a lot on the face and the neck becomes either stiff or tender. Cluster headaches can last from a few minutes to a few hours but once it happens, it can stop you in the tracks. People who have suffered migraine headache reveal the fact that cluster headache is much more painful which may occur up to eight times in a day.

A number of different things can cause cluster headache but it varies from person to person. For example, some people can face cluster headache due to alcohol, exposure to perfumes or petrol. Thus, it is advisable for you to find out the cause of your cluster headache first and avoid those specific things.

Since the pain cluster headache causes is too intense to bear, to get a treatment is very essential. So, if you are suffering from this, better consult a doctor. Only a doctor can suggest the best treatment for the cluster headache depending upon the case.