Food Items That Trigger Headaches
There are certain substances in some foods that are a major cause of headaches. However, the vulnerable ones must know about these harmful substances and the foods that contain them.
Natural Ways To Cure Headache During Pregnancy
Headache during pregnancy? You may be tempted to use one of the OTC pain relieving medications but this must be avoided due to their possible side effects. Here is how you can tackle the problem naturally.
Suffering From Headache Is A Real Headache
A headache, medically known as cephalalgia, can simply be defined as a pain in the head, and at times also in the neck and/or upper back. But there is more that you need to know...
How to Recognize and Treat Migraine in Children
It’s believed that children suffer only from minor headaches and not migraine. This is not true. Even children too suffer from migraine in some cases, that’s why you should try to understand the cause of the headache in your child and take the right steps to determine if you child is suffering from migraine attacks.
What are the Causes of Headaches?
Waking Up Gives Me Such A Headache
Some people wake up every morning with headache. Study reveals that 1 in 13 people have headache when they get up. As per study, 7.6% people have had continuous headache for four years.
The Biological Process Behind Headaches
The commonest fallacy associated with a headache is that the brain is experiencing a headache. This is just not true because the brain itself has no pain-sensitive nerve fibers. Know the actual process behind it...
The Relationship Between Headache And Orgasm
It is said that an orgasm is the height of pleasure and relaxation that the human body can experience. At the same time, headache is one of the worst situation that you can find yourself in.
Headaches In Children: The Kids Suffer Too
Yes, it is true that a migraine can attack a child as young as 10 years of age. Stresses at home and at school, coupled with peer pressure can lead to headaches in children which can further get transformed to migraine later on in life.
Treating Painless Headaches
Some headaches are rather painless. In these types of headaches, you have headache, but you do not experience any pain.
5 Secrets That Save You from Upper Back Pain Headaches
Upper back pain headache is very common but could be devastating.
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