Got a Headache? Painkillers get you nowhere!
A lot of people are suffering from headache and they just go for the pain killers as the best option. As you know that the self medication is always bad, people just end up making things more complicated for themselves. You might have come across the people who find it convenient to take a pain killer every time they have a headache and they are so ignorant of the side effects of these pain killers that they do not realize that these pain killers are so risky for their health.

The pain killers that people take on regular basis to cure their headache have a working strategy. They just block the pain receptors of the sufferer’s brain and this leads to the stoppage of the signals of the pain not being sent to the brain from the cells. This means that the pain killers do not kill the pain but they just make your brain insensible to the pain. Since the brain does not get the signals, the victim does not feel the pain.

As a matter of fact, the pain killers do not cure the problem and rather work on the symptoms. Moreover, people do not treat problems like headache as a disease and they just take it lightly and find it easy to take over-the-counter drugs that are famous as the pain killers. The two known names are Advil and Tylenol which might be harmful for the person in case they are misused.

The statistics reveal that people know the proper dose and yet exceed the recommended dosage. Moreover, according to a study almost 16% of people do not even care to read the instructions on the label. These pain killers takes a person to a vicious circle where popping these pills frequently leads to more frequent headaches. Additionally, if a person keeps on taking a pain killer for a long span of time, the body gets addicted to it and the medicine does not work which may result in the person getting  a more severe headache.

So, the conclusion is that if you have headache more than two times a day, you must admit that you have got a problem. Instead of the painkillers try out some natural remedies like aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy, acupressure, yoga, and massage etc. and say goodbye to these pain killers forever!