How To Get Rid Of Helium Headaches?

Inhalation of a small amount of helium is harmless but inhaling it in large concentration can cause serious problems. The main problems associated with helium inhalation are dizziness, sore throat, shortage of breath, nausea or headache. Headache caused by helium inhalation is known as helium headache.

As helium is an inert gas, it causes decompression sickness. People inhale helium to modify their pitch. But they are not aware of the fact that helium can seriously damage larynx and can result in sore throat. Besides, while inhaling helium, you don't get enough oxygen that leads to shortage of breath. This affects your lungs as well as brain that leads to helium headache. This headache can be so severe that can result in death of a person.

Helium headache can be accompanied by many symptoms such as memory loss, visual abnormalities, seizures, confusion, behavioral changes, altered sensation, tingling, numbness and unconsciousness.

How to treat helium headache?

* Discontinue the inhalation of helium (stop sucking from balloon) and for this remove all the helium associated products from surroundings such as bulbs, etc.
* As soon as you feel helium headache, lie down on flat ground and remain still for some time.
* As you lie down, breathe slowly and deeply. Now before you breathe out, hold on your breathe for at least 5-6 seconds. As the primary cause of this kind of headache is lack of oxygen, helium headache can be reduced by oxygen supply to the brain. It is recommended to breathe in the aforementioned manner to replenish oxygen faster. In such a way, helium headache will dispel faster.
* For sometime relax and don't loose your calm. Breathe deeply and until your headache disappears, repeat the same process. If, even after doing these steps the intensity of your headache doesn't reduce, seek medical aid.

Additional tips

* Supply adequate amount of water to your body to get relieved of helium headache. In this way, your body will also get enough oxygen supply.
* Aspirin wont help much but an analgesic can surely lessen the symptoms of helium headache.
* Besides headache, excessive intake of helium can lead to dizziness and lightheadedness. Therefore, don't inhale large amount of helium as it can affect heart as well as brain.

Inhalation of helium can seriously prove fatal and helium headache is one of the symptoms of excessive helium inhalation that can lead to dizziness. Therefore, avoid inhalation of helium in excessive quantity.