Get to Know The Common Headache Types- 1
To treat your headache in the right manner, it is important that you know your headache type in the first place. Here is an overview of some common headache types.

Hangover headaches

as the name suggests this type of headache is caused due to the excessive consumption of alcohol.

Causes/ triggers
This type of headache is primarily caused due to excessive consumption of alcohol. Alcohol dilates and irritates the blood vessels that surround the brain. This results in a headache.

* Migraine like symptoms
* Extreme pain
* Nausea

There are several liquids such as broth that combat the ill effects of alcohol. You can also consume liquids that contain fructose such as honey and tomato juice as fructose burns off alcohol.

Since this type of headache is caused due to excessive consumption of alcohol, you should consume alcohol in moderation to avoid hangover headaches.

Caffeine withdrawal headaches
Consuming excessive amount of caffeine on a daily basis can result in caffeine withdrawal headache.

Causes/ triggers
As the name suggests, this type of headache is caused due to excessive consumption of caffeine. Consuming caffeine in excessive quantities causes rebound dilation of blood vessels that surround the brain and results in a headache. Caffeine withdrawal headache usually happens days after consuming large quantities of caffeine.

* Throbbing headache

You may have to give up caffeine totally in order to get rid of this headache type.

Try not to use caffeine in excessive quantities.

Exertion headaches
This type of headache is usually followed by a physically or mentally exerting activity.  It can be either mild or severe.

Exertion headaches are primarily related to migraine or cluster headaches. These headaches are often triggered as a result of migraine. In some cases, organic diseases such as aneurysms, tumors or blood vessel formation may also lead to an exertion headache. However, this is less common.

* Headache is of short duration and can last from anywhere between 1 minute to 1 hour
* Exertion headaches are usually followed by activities that cause physical exertion such as running, jumping, sexual intercourse, playing any sport
* It may also be followed by passive exertion like sneezing, coughing etc

In order to treat exertion headaches, the exact cause of the problem must be determined. Over the counter painkillers such as aspirin and indomethacin can be used to treat exertion headaches. If exertion headache is caused as a result of organic headache, a surgery may be required to treat the problem

Since exertion headaches are caused due to excessive exertion, avoid physically exerting activities. look for alternative forms of exercising.

Know your headache type and find a suitable treatment.