Know Your Pain
Self Care to Control Headache- A Few Tips
Recurrent headaches can disrupt your daily life. You can get rid of them by opting for a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet, a proper exercise routine and sound sleep can easily help you get rid of these headaches.
Posttraumatic Headache among Sportsmen
Headache after the trauma is common. But in some cases it could last for as long as a few months. In extreme cases it could last for years. It is characterized by symptoms like dizziness, confusion, lack of concentration and insomnia.
Whiplash Headache- A Rare, but Serious Type of Headache
At times, your head is suddenly jerked forward and back again. This could be due to an auto accident, overstraining the neck, a punch or any other factors. This sudden jerking of the head leads to whiplash injuries that in turn lead to whiplash headache
Tension Headache
A tension headache is perhaps the most common type of headache. It is usually a diffused mild to moderate form of pain and accounts for 90 per cent of the headaches. These can be easily managed however.
Rebound Headaches or Medication Overuse Headaches
Consistent use of pain killers and analgesics makes the body addicted to these medicines. So when you don't consume the medicine, your head starts to hurt. This type of headache is called rebound headache or medication overuse headaches (MOH).
Headache from Post Concussion Syndrome
Headaches from post concussion syndrome usually feel like a tension headache or migraine. They are also accompanied with sudden emotional or behavioral changes. It is believed that structural damage to the brain is the result of such headaches.
Atypical Migraine could be a Tricky Condition
If you experience symptoms that look like migraine but are not exactly migraine, it can be said that you suffer from atypical migraine. Atypical migraine is not another kind of migraine.
Thunderclap Headache Attacks Suddenly
As the name suggests, thunderclap headaches are a sudden and severe bout of headache. Thunderclap a rare type of headache, usually escalates within 60 seconds and lasts for several hours before it fades away.
A Quick Overview on Sinus Headache
Sinus headache is a kind of headache that is caused as a result of congestion in the sinuses. Sinuses are cavities filled with air that exist in the head. These bony sinuses connect the head to the nose through small openings.
Waking Up to a Headache Every Morning
Many people wake up to a headache every morning. This kind of headache is known as a morning headache. A morning headache is a kind of a tension headache that develops as soon as the person wakes up.
Chiari Malformation Headache
Most headaches have ordinary causes behind them. However, there are some uncommon and rare causes which result in headache. Chiari Malformation is one such cause of headache.
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