Diagnosis Of Symptoms
Factors That Help Diagnose Headaches
Diagnosing a headache can be really difficult because there can be several reasons for the problem. However, you will be able to diagnose a headache better provided you relay the symptoms in a better manner.
Migraine And Auras Symptoms
Migraines come with and without auras. Neither can be said to be less painful than the other, though the aura-less may be less stressful and frightening. Although migraines are often associated with auras, in fact only about 20% of migraine sufferers actually experience any of the symptoms of aura.
Keeping a Headache Log

Sometimes, you may be required to keep a headache log to be able to diagnose the type and severity of headache you are suffering from.

X-Rays And Biopsy: Tests To Confirm Your Headache
The tests that can be done to diagnose headaches are x-rays and biopsy. Here is a detailed discussion of the two- X-ray and biopsy.
Imaging Techniques To Diagnose Headaches
Amongst the other techniques used to diagnose headaches, imaging techniques are also widely used. There are three types of imaging techniques used for this purpose.
EEG Helps You Diagnose Headache
An EEG stands for an Electroencephalogram. Difficult to pronounce and still not considered particularly valuable for the diagnosis of headaches, except for distinguishing complicated migraines from complex partial seizures. Know more about it...
Differential Diagnosis of Headaches
Here, we take a look at differential diagnosis of headaches and how it may help in treatment of the condition. It is the apt way to diagnose the headache type.
Appropriate Nausea Medicine
How to decide the appropriate nausea medicine depending on individual requirements?
Lumbar Puncture Or Spinal Tap: An Important Treatment Option
The spinal fluid, which surrounds and protects your nervous system, is generally at a specific pressure. If this pressure goes up or down too suddenly, it may cause a headache.
Headache Diary: An Important Tool For Self-Diagnosis
Even before you go to a doctor, you yourself can diagnose your headache with the help of certain patterns that you observe. For this, a headache diary can serve as an important tool.