Keeping a Headache Log
Headache is a common ailment that most of us suffer from at some time or the other. Sometimes, you may be required to keep a headache log to be able to diagnose the type and severity of headache you are suffering from.

What is a headache log?
A headache log is a record of occurrences of headache in a given period of time. It is used to keep a record of the time, frequency, patterns, severity and duration of headaches. 

Why keep a headache log?
If you suffer from recurring headaches and would like to know what's triggering its symptoms; you should consider keeping a headache log. In most cases, if you are consulting a doctor for the same, he/she will also ask you to maintain an exact record of the type of headache you are experiencing and other factors related to it.

Eventually, the log will help decipher the triggers of the pain and also monitor the effectiveness of individual treatments. It will also help the doctor correctly diagnose the condition that you are suffering from.

How do you maintain a headache log?
A typical headache log should have information on all types of things related to the headache including the type of food you had before the pain began or the number of hours you sleep in a day. The weather specifications of the day also matter and should therefore be included in the health log.

What information should be included in the Headache log?
The national headache foundation of the U.S. has come up with several information categories which should be included in a headache log for comprehensive data recording:

* The exact time when the headache started along with the place where it started (eg: temple, forehead etc.).
* The nature of the pain- whether it's of throbbing, splitting, pounding or other intensity.
* What changes you noticed before the headache began such as a change in eye sight or other physical changes.
* Any exposure to an intense odor or bright light.
* When did the headache strike? The time of the day and the duration it lasted for.
* Any possible links between the headaches and other factors such as hormonal or menstrual changes, food habits, activities, stress indications, or sleeping patterns.
* Whether the ache feels the same each time it strikes.
* Family history of headaches (if any).

How does the headache log help?
Based on the information recorded, doctors can determine the exact cause of the headaches and prescribe treatments accordingly. However, for best results and better diagnosis, the patient is required to note down all relevant information as soon as possible while the memory is still fresh. Additional symptoms also need to be noted such as muscle pain, soreness or and other issues like vision problems.

What's more, readymade headache logs are available on the net and simply need to be downloaded and filled in to be taken to the doctor.

Therefore, the headache log goes a long way in providing relevant answers to questions related to any form of headache.