Headache Diary: An Important Tool For Self-Diagnosis

With the help of a headache diary, you can analyze what are the triggers that provoke your headache. This diary can also serve as a big help for your physician. The purpose of a headache diary is to jot down as much information as possible, so that, you can pinpoint the exact cause of your headache. Even if you are unable to do so, the doctor might find it easier to find out the reason for your headache. As in a news report, it is essential that your headache diary contain the 5W's and 1H so that as much information as possible can be gleaned.

What do you mean by the 5W’s and 1H.


It might seem strange but the cause of your headache might be a person who might irritate you. This person could have made you angry or upset you in some manner. In such a case, the person is the cause of your headache.

What were you doing at the time and what medications did you take to treat the headache? What other relief measures did you take? What were the symptoms like and What do you think could have triggered your headache? What was the pain like? Throbbing or a constant steady pain? These are some questions that you need to answer under the subhead of ‘what’.

Where were you when the headache started? Were you indoors or outdoors? Also where exactly are the headaches located? Are they located in the front or the back of the head? Answer these questions and you will be able to complete the ‘where’ subhead.

When does the pain start? At night or during the day? When was the last period that you had? When are you going to have the next period? And similar questions. Jot down as much information as possible under this head.
Why do you think your headache started? Did you consume something, particularly Chinese food? Did you exercise too hard? Or anything else that you feel could have triggered your headache.

How did you manage the pain? With the help of medications, therapies or treatments?

If you answer all these questions, you would be able to compile a comprehensive diary. All these facts, if compiled together, can help the doctor as well as you to gain a deeper knowledge about the factors that trigger your headache. These factors can thus be avoided in the future.