Diamond Headache Clinic – A Renowned Headache Care Center
Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago Illinois is a premier headache and migraine treatment centre that has been treating the dreaded headache and migraine pain since its establishment in 1972. The clinic was founded by Dr. Seymour Diamond, a renowned and acclaimed physician who has been honored with a number of prestigious awards for his service in the field of medical science, especially related to the treatment of migraine and other related headaches.

A recent survey conducted by Louis Harris & Associates shows that nearly 75 percent of the Americans above 18 years of age suffer from some kind of headache at least once a year.

Every year nearly 2000 patients are referred to the Diamond Headache Clinic for treating their migraine or other kind of headache. If you too are a constant sufferer of migraine or any kind of headache, you can ask your doctor to refer you to this health care clinic or  seek an appointment by filling their online form or calling at 1-800-432-3224.

Both inpatient and outpatient services are available in this health care unit. In outpatient service the treatment begins with compiling information related to the history, duration, frequency and severity of your headaches and your family background.. A thorough diagnosis is carried out with  reports of your  sleep patterns, dietary habits and medications. This process almost takes 3 to 4 hours. A psychological assessment is also done to access the stress level of the patient.

 You undergo a complete physical, psychological and neurological examination after which a medication program is advised. This is supervised and monitored for effect and relief. There is a lifestyle modification component where the staff educates you about sleep patterns, diet, lifestyle, recreation and other possible reasons for your headaches. The follow up visits are scheduled according to their diagnostic report.

The inpatient unit of Diamond Headache Clinic is at Saint Joseph Hospital Resurrection Health Care. The patients who need intensive care and round the clock vigilance are referred to the inpatient unit in the above said hospital. After the evaluation in the clinic if the doctors are satisfied that the patient needs extra care and caution, the patient is advised to be admitted to the inpatient unit where extensive treatment, along with recreation and therapeutic programs are carried out.