Treat Headache Naturally During Pregnancy
Pregnancy is one of the most important phases in a woman's life. A pregnant woman has to be careful about everything she takes including medicines. Since taking unnecessary medications during pregnancy can harm the fetus, it is only advisable to look for natural treatments. Here are some simple natural treatment options for headache during pregnancy.

* A warm compress is a great option to treat headaches during pregnancy. This is particularly helpful if you are suffering from sinus. Apply the compress around the eyes and the nose. This will open up dilated blood vessels and provide relief.
* If you have a tension headache, then you could use a cold compress. Simply pack some ice cubes in a towel and apply it near the base of your skull and neck. This will help ease out tensed muscles.
* Switch off the lights and ensure that no light enters the room. Sleep in this dark room for a while. It works if you have a mild headache.
* Take a cup of hot tea. Drinking a cup of hot tea relaxes the body and provides relief. But, make sure that you do not overdo this one.
* Soak yourself in a bath tub filled with warm water. A warm shower or bath relaxes the body and helps deal with a headache effectively.
* Practice deep breathing exercise. Deep breathing allows more oxygen to reach the body and helps treat headaches.
* Try aromatherapy. This always works for pregnant women. There are some fragrances that every woman enjoys. Simply smelling the fragrance of your choice can ease the headache. You could use either soaps or oils for this purpose. Sandalwood, lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint are the best fragrances that work for this purpose.
* Get a good massage. Nothing works better than this one. You could use lukewarm oil for this purpose. Have some one to massage your head, neck and even shoulders.
* An apple a day can keep headaches away. Eating an apple everyday along with some salt on an empty stomach can help treat the problem.
* Take the upper crust of lemon. Now crush this with a mortar to form a fine paste. Apply this over both the temples. You will notice relief in some time.
* Add few drops of fresh lemon juice to a cup of tea. Drinking this will also help deal with a headache successfully.
* Go out in the open. Many a times, breathing fresh air alone can help you get rid of a headache.

You do not really need medications to treat headaches. Just try these simple and effective natural tips and you will be able to treat the problem safely.