Natural Headache Remedy

More than 25 million Americans suffer from headaches and migraines. About 17 million or 75 % of it are women. Shocked to read this? Headaches could be of different types and result of different reasons. There can be headache like sinus headache, acupressure headache, headache during pregnancy, menstrual headache, blurred vision headache, tension headache and many more.

Mostly headaches are caused by tension, which tightens the muscles in the head. Vascular headache, such as migraines and cluster headache result from constricted blood vessels. Medications relieve headache temporarily. Long term use of medications such as Demerol, ibuprofen, aspirin and codeine may increase the frequency of headaches or make them more severe. Natural headache remedies can offer relief, without side effects, by promoting relaxation. For more details on natural headache remedy or remedies, read Natural Treatment For Migraine

For headache cure, you can also use fish oil and feverfew, a member of the daisy family as they have proved to be effective in treating headache. When the headache first starts, apply an ice pack which can provide quick relief. Also, you can opt for massage that can help you a lot. Try and follow some natural headache remedy as well while treating headache, one of them might help you. Improve your diet, drink plenty of water and add a simple mild exercise program to your schedule. And, if you smoke, give it up. Surround yourself with supportive, fun-to-be-with and happy people with positive thoughts. All these things will make you feel relaxed and tension free. So don't wait and just go ahead!