Get to Know The Common Headache Types- 5
Most of us suffering from a headache perceive the problem as a common health issue. But in some cases, the headache may not be the regular headache and may call for special medical attention. Here are some complicated headache types that require proper medical intervention.

Tic Douloureux headaches
Tic Douloureux headaches are a relatively rare disease of the neural impulse. This headache type is more common in women after the age of 55 as compared to women.

The exact cause of this headache type is unknown. Tic Douloureux headaches may result from pain from chewing, cold air or even touching the face. Neurological diseases such as MS may also be the cause of this headache in patients who are below 55 years of age.

* Jab like pain in and around the areas surrounding the mouth

Anticonvulsants and muscle relaxants can be used to treat this headache type. In severe cases, neurosurgery may be required.

There are no prevention methods for this headache type.

Temporal arteritis
Temporal arteritis is a rare type of headache and usually affects people below 50 years of age. A biopsy is required to confirm the existence of this headache type.

It is believed that that temporal arteritis may be caused due to a disorder of the immune system. However, the exact cause of this problem is still to be known. This headache type is caused due to the inflammation of temporal arteries.

* Boring and jabbing pain
* Inflammation
* Pain around the ear
* Pain on chewing
* Unexplained weight loss
* Vision problems

Once the problem is diagnosed, steroids may be used to treat the problem.


Aneurysms are a severe form of headache and cannot be treated if discovered at a later stage. This headache type may be accompanied by rupturing of blood vessels.

Congenital tendency and extreme hypertension are two important causes of aneurysms. In aneurysm the blood vessels bulge, which results in a headache.

* A feeling of balloon like weakness
* Symptoms may be similar to migraine or cluster type headaches
* Sudden unbearable headache
* Double vision
* Unconsciousness

If discovered in an early stage, aneurysm can be treated using surgery.

Keeping your blood pressure in control can help prevent aneurysm to a great extent.

Post traumatic headaches
Post traumatic headaches may appear as an affect of any injury caused to the neck or head during some accidents.

Post traumatic headaches are usually caused after minor traumas.

* Generalized pain
* Symptoms similar to migraine and tension type headaches
* Headaches occur on a daily basis
* Resistant to treatment

Ant inflammatory drugs can be used to treat this headache type. Biofeedback and propranolol may also work as an effective cure to the problem.

Adhere to the standard precautions against trauma to avoid post traumatic headaches.

So the next time you are suffering from a headache, make sure that you don't take it lightly.