Headache-Which Of These You Have?


Headaches in some people last for few minutes only. In others it lasts for few days. But why is it so? The answer is that different people suffer from different types of headaches. The important types are given below:

  • Tension headaches: These kind of headaches are caused due to stress or tension and last only for few minutes or days. It is accompanied with no additional symptoms except pain.

  • Migraine headaches: These headaches can range from moderate to severe pains accompanied with symptons like nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and an increased sensitivity to noise, light or smells.

  • Cluster Headaches: These headaches are very short lived or frequent. It occurs once or more a day and disrupts your sleep.

  • Chronic/Daily Headaches: This is a type in which any three of the above can occur. It stays for 15 days a month for at least three months.

So get your type known as there are different treatments for each type!